Vintage, elegant cross stitch designs and kits. A french touch of glam
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Embroidery is an art of patience, passion ... The hours spent are nothing compared to the pleasure of embroidering. Serenity is the advantage of this great activity to which each of us can be addicted. Personally I fell into it very young, and even through the breaks due to my professional life, I have always been back to my big basket of needleworks. Inside, some are carefully finished, others in progress, others still in the package. Indeed, like many of us, I'm convinced it's impossible to choose only one model at a time.

Also passionate about drawing, one day came the desire to create different models, full of femininity and sensuality, sometimes tinged with nostalgia. As for me, fashion through the ages is a subject of great inspiration and fascination. Whether the 18th century, the regency era, or during the Roaring Twenties, fashion designers have always highlighted women by the shimmer and marriage of fabrics colors.

The brand and the company Le Boudoir Brodé emerged from these influences. The proposed present and future models are inspired by these creative and sumptuous times. For these reasons, the patterns, either kits or grids are prepared with great care, from the chart creation to the packaging design. For supplies: the threads come from the well-known company DMC. Pertaining to the fabrics (linen or Aida), they come from DMC as well as Zweigart.

Majority of the time the charts are in black and white. However, models in which multiple colors of backstitch coexist are in color. In any case, charts are printed with sufficient visibility to work easily. The instructions are clear, detailed and adapted to each model especially at the beginning of the process. In addition to the classic start from the center, I indicate how to start from the top, the middle or the left corner of the embroidery,depending on the model.

A mini guide of the common embroidery points is also provided. All models are presented in a nice and retro portfolio. The package will help you keep your embroidery organised and allow you to resume your work with pleasure.

I wish you all a lot of fun and happiness in the progression of your projects.

Cécile Merdrignac, 
Company chairwoman and designer Le Boudoir Brodé
  • Collections of charm and glamour, whatever your level.
  • Original and exclusive designs.
  • A requirement : the quality of supplies DMC and Zweigart.